The Merch is on Tour…

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Some exclusive news here for you now, and recently we’ve seen so many members of the Adoomygang purchase their t-shirts and merchandise whilst they attend the tours, fortunately for these people, they will have been glad they did as we hearing there is very limited availability left for the upcoming tours.

We have been following the recent Instagrams and tweets of the fans who have been boasting their new purchases whilst at the tour who want to mark their presence with these designs which are rumoured to never be printed again?

We’re keen to know ourselves, but if you managed to get a hold of any one of these, or maybe even all of these! (As we’ve seen one of the fans on a recent leg of the tour purchase all four!), tweet, share, instagram and facebook it. These are very limited.

For now, we can only leave you with this, if you’ve bought tickets to any of the upcoming shows, hopefully you’re not too late to get your merchandise!

Tour Merch