Adam & Slim sighted at Recording Studio!

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Adam Saleh & Slimmofication have been recently sighted in New York as the pair are rumoured to be recording for a brand new single they are working on. We have been following updates from both Adam & Slim, along with some images fans have shared on social media to find that the duo have been spending time in the New York based recording studio preparing and recording for a single that is due to release later on this month.

It is rumoured that Adam Saleh & Slim have partnered up to put together a single ahead of their next leg of the tour, which resumes Doha. We’re quite certain that this single comes as the pair are looking to showcase something special in the next leg of the tour which includes some of the biggest cities, mostly all sold out, including Dubai. We are yet to hear any teasers, which is usually unlike Adam, who is always keen to share some sneak previews.

Official sources describe the Adam & Slim to be working on a collaboration that is due to be a part of their worldwide tour, which will hope to see them perform this new single. Currently, a lot of speculation as to what the single is called, however, ‘Partner in Crime’ confirmed by the pair on Twitter & Instagram, seem to be what it will be called.

The single, ‘Partner in Crime’, will hope to provide some different content for the fans and hopefully showcase a little about the pairs relationship. We’ve seen many sides to the relationship of both Slim & Adam together, in their videos along with their performances at the Tour, you’ll know it’s always one to keep an eye on as the pair are never afraid to speak their mind with each other.

Sharing a close bond as brothers, it’s bound to be fun, creative and full of energy. The release date has been set for the 28th, at 3pm. Join us then, to see what the hype is about!